Self Defense Weapons For Women: A Break Down

Self Defense Weapons For Women: A Break Down

More and more women should take self-defense seriously since larger numbers of women when compared to men are reported to be victims of violent crimes, in which the most common crime committed against women is rape.

To prevent being a victim of an attack, you should equip yourself with self-defense tools that you can expertly utilize in a moment of danger. In fact, law officials recommend coming up with a personal defense plan in case you do end up being threatened and physically assaulted.

Keep reading for self-defense tools that women widely use and the pros and cons associated to each one. Hopefully, you'll find one that suits your protective needs and comes in handy in case of a crisis.

Most Common Self-Defense Tools For Women:

  • Pepper spray
  • Electro shocker
  • Pocket knife
  • Firearm

Pepper Spray

Out of all the personal protective sprays out available on the market, pepper spray is the one that is legal to carry in all 50 states while other sprays are illegal in some parts of the USA.

Keep in mind that several states have restrictions about the amount of pepper spray you can carry to the strength of the pepper spray itself.

Pretty red-haired woman with pepper spray.

During the mid-1990’s was when pepper spray began to be sold as a popular defense spray, and it is still one of the most popular self-defense sprays to this day.

Don’t forget that there are pros and cons with every product, and pepper spray is no different.


  • To defend yourself against an attacker who is anywhere from five feet to 20 feet away from you, you can rely on pepper spray to hold the attacker off.
  • Will irritate the attacker’s skin, eyes, as well as respiratory system to limit movement
  • Will slow down your attacker for at least 20 minutes before the irritation dies down.
  • Some pepper spray models don't require specialized training
  • Small enough in size that you can carry it in your pocket, purse, and keychain for easy access.
  • Not lethal
  • Can be used on humans & animals


  • Sensitive to the wind, so you run the risk of spraying it and rather than having it hit your attacking it'll blow back and instead hit you in the face.
  • Difficult to release the lock designed to guard the trigger, and is especially hard when you're in a panicked mental state.
  • Cannot take it on a flight
  • Restrictions depend on the state you’re living in
  • Some models require training before using in real life situations

Electro Shocker

For those who aren’t familiar with the term electro shocker, it refers to self-defense tools that work to deliver an electric shock that momentarily disrupts muscle movement without causing a massive injury to the attacker.

Electro Shockers tend to consist of TASER devices and STUN guns and are commonly used by women to defend themselves against an attacker who is large so overpowering the victim isn't an issue.

Taser in a hand.


  • Can be utilized in both far and close range
  • Can hit an attacker about 15 feet away
  • Contains 50,000 volts of power (TASER)
  • Penetrate into about 2 inches of clothing
  • Constant electroshocking for about 30 seconds which gives you9 time to put the gun down and run
  • Contains Voltage ranging from one million volts to 35 million volts (STUN)
  • Most Effective for Close Range (STUN)
  • Don’t require felony background check (STUN)
  • STUN guns come in a variety of models and sizes to accommodate your needs


  • STUN guns aren’t ideal for far range
  • Both probes must hit target for TASER to function
  • Certain States require felony background check (TASER)
  • Expensive (TASER)

Pocket Knife

Out of all the self-defense weapons mentioned here today that would best serve women in a time of crisis, the pocket knife is by far the most efficient and most deadly weapon.

There's also the perk that knives are easier to buy than guns as well as being safer to practice with than guns.

Pink pocket knife.


  • Effective within 20 feet
  • Comes in handy in situations other than for self-defense purposes
  • More publicly accepted
  • Can be lethal
  • Firm Grip gives you total control
  • Don’t need to be recharged to be useful


  • Laws vary state to state
  • Are not allowed on schools, planes, courts, as well as federal buildings
  • A cheap knife will break on you
  • Requires lengthy training for practical use
  • Can be taken away by the attacker if you aren’t properly trained


Some people find guns to be the most efficient form of self-defense, and it surely is when the person pulling the trigger has been thoroughly trained in how to use the gun without harming themselves or others around them.

Woman with a firearm.


  • Immense range to stop attacker
  • Permits more shots than an electro shocker
  • Attacker won’t get back up to harm you
  • Will penetrate anything that’s not bulletproof
  • Can stop multiple attackers


  • Expensive
  • Concealed carry gun laws vary from state to state
  • Requires training
  • With no training at all, you can easily hit the wrong person
  • Limited ammo
  • Attacker can easily take it from you if you don’t know what you’re doing


Women have to put up with a lot of attackers and violent crime, and more than half the time they end up being defenseless with no one around to help. Choosing one of the self-defense weapons listed above will keep any woman's mind at ease when she goes out during any time of the day.

Make sure to check out your state laws regarding self-defense weapons because the last thing you want to do is break the law by defending yourself.

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