Saving Money When Searching For Concealed Carry Purses For Sale

Gun sales are briskly moving up. There are millions upon millions of people that are starting to pick up weapons and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.


If you are looking to pick up a gun and you want to move forward with a concealed carry purse, then you will no doubt want to consider saving money. Saving money in this regards can be as simple as looking for purses that are on sale.

There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind before you settle on searching for concealed carry purses for sale. With a few things in mind, you could very well save money, and get more purse for your money.

First Look At The Local Laws

Here’s the first thing that you need to understand, and it’s simple, look at your local laws. Every state has laws in place. These laws are going to let you know what type of hurdles you will need to cross before you are given a license or permit. In some states, for instance, you will need to have a “good reason” or “cause” for wanting one of these.

Others require you to get training and exhibit expertise with your firearm before you are able to get one of these. Whatever the case is, you will need to investigate the local laws before you go forward. If you are in a state that allows this, and you get a permit or license, then you are ready to search for sales and more.

Start Online

The first place to look for deals is of course, the internet. When you are looking for deals, makes sure to look for concealed carry purses for sale online. Then include your zip code. This will help give you regional and national coverage as to bags that you may want to purchase. Make sure that you look for purses that are in fact made to have firearms in them.

Some marketers have been trying to sell purses as concealed carry solutions, but they are not manufactured for that. A purse that is not made to carry a gun will not be able to hold the weight, or safely keep a gun in place. It’s not a good idea to try and skimp on the quality for the sake of savings a few dollars in this regards.

Look For Last Year’s Releases

Here’s a little fashion tip that works in regards to finding good purses. Look for the previous year’s releases for any name brands that you know of. That’s right, if you look for the past releases, you will find that you can get clearance prices for bags that are not only still well made but also low cost. It’s a great thing to consider overall and something that will definitely pay off dividends down the line. If you look for last year’s, even, you may have an overlap where new and old meet, and subtle changes made, making it a great way to save a little money.

Read Reviews On All Gun Bags


As you narrow down your search for a good concealed carry purse, make sure to read reviews. The more you know about any given option, the better off your purchase will become. Sometimes options that are well reviewed get a lot of sales, and retailers drop the price to maximize on the attention.

Look for prices that fit your budget, but consider reviews at the same time. This is going to help you get the right element moving forward, no doubt. Don’t skip on the notion to read through reviews at all, because it’s easy to overlook this and end up with a lackluster solution.

Wait For Major Holidays

Another great solution in regards to finding lower costing concealed carry purses is to wait for annual holidays, and sales. There are always big sales during various points in the year. For instance, you’ll often see Memorial Day sales, July 4th Sales, Mother’s Day, and other holidays that get a lot of attention in the retail sector.

When these dates come up, keep your eyes open for discounts on purses that are meant to hold firearms. You’ll be surprised by how many brands and retailers discount these things heavily. Even gun stores will have sales, and accessories will be put on clearance. Always keep this in mind as you shop around for the right solution for your needs.

When In Doubt, Consider Used

If you’re not seeing what you want, at a price that you want to spend, then consider auction websites. There’s a few auction websites online today and you can find quality used items there. Used concealed carry purses still do the trick, and many times they are in like new condition. Look for options that are not well worn, and you may very well find a designer bag that fits your budget, and lets you have a firearm with you at all times.

Often times, auction sites have a great number of deals, and people forget to look for them. Don’t be left out cold, consider going online to find a good deal on used, and like new solutions. In some instances, you may even find new items on these sites, depending on the reseller that you are dealing with overall.

Gun Shows and Sales

Perhaps one tried and true solution that you don’t want to miss out on includes gun shows and sales. Often times, when you are looking for concealed carry purses, these events have accessories. That means that you can get a gun and a purse all in the same transaction. These events aren’t just for sales, there are safety classes, and much more going on in every community.
Shows and Sales
When it’s all said and done, the best bit of advice that you can take with you today is simple, be patient. Look around, compare prices, name brands, and focus on your overall safety and needs. You’ll find that if you are just a bit patient, you’ll find that right balance of fashion and function for your needs today.

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