Roma Leathers Concealment Carry Purse

Roma Leathers Concealment Carry Purse Review

If you’ve always been a fan of carrying your protection on you at all times in a hip holster, you might have come across a few problems from time to time with this approach. Hip holsters can be effective, but for the most part, they can feel uncomfortable and just aren’t practical for the modern woman.

We regularly carry around quite a few items around to help us in our daily lives with everything from makeup to wallets and important documents in our handbag, and when you add to this a gun holster too it can become overwhelming. However, there’s now a way to combine your beloved hip holster with the style and practicality of a handbag.

Leather Locking concealment purse full view.

The Roma Leathers Concealment Carry Purse gives you a genuine leather handbag that features a holster within, so there’s no need for two different accessories.

This amazing product has all the room you need for your important accessories as well as a safe and easily accessible place to store your weapon.

The Roma Leathers Concealment Carry Purse offers all the features that the modern woman needs to be prepared and safe at all times.

About The Product

Roma Leathers have been manufacturers of quality and genuine leather bags for over 20 years now, and they have an accessory to suit every occasion.

Their range of purses intended for concealed carry purposes look just as stylish as their other fashionable products and they’re even more reliable and secure.

This concealed carry purse features genuine leather in its design which means you get a long-lasting, stylish, and comfortable accessory to carry around. It’s packed full of the right features that matter to the gun carrying modern woman, including:

  • Velcro positioning in gun holster to keep gun in correct place;
  • 2 YKK zippers with lockable concealment compartments;
  • ​Four keys for yourself and to leave with others for safety;
  • ​Measures 13” x 11” x 5”;
  • ​Range of compartments and pockets on the exterior;
  • Stylish shoulder bag design;

If you’ve been looking to invest in a quality leather concealed carry bag but didn’t want to spend too much doing so, this is a great mid-range product that gives you everything you need. Roma Leathers are known for making quality leather accessories, and this bag is exactly that with an added edge of protection.

Pros And Cons

The inside of this bag doesn’t have room for much else other than your wallet, however, there are plenty of storage compartments and areas on the exterior that can fit all of your needs. If you’re someone who likes to keep all of their belongings inside in the one space, though, this design might not suit.

Roma Leather Locking concealment purse opened.

There are plenty of small design features that work together to make this one of the better choices for a leather concealed carry purse. The number one being the double sided access held together by the durable YKK zippers, meaning both left and right handed gun users will find it convenient and easy to access.

The shoulder strap has been wrapped around silver grommets for added protection, however, it would have been good if there was something reinforced to prevent it from being sliced. The straps are quite thick in comparison to other brands, though, so the chance that someone could easily slice through are small.

Roma Leathers make all of their bags using genuine leather, and this bag is no exception. After just a few days of use, you’ll notice that the leather begins to soften and get that amazing texture that this material is known for while keeping all of its durability.

The best part is, the gun is held in a velcroed holster so even if your bag is taken through a lot your gun will be kept in the safest and most ideal position.

How To Buy A Roma Leathers Concealed Carry Purse

When you’ve made the decision that the Roma Leather Concealed Carry Purse is for you, you’ll next want to seek out the best deal. Currently, Amazon has this great bag for just under $80 which is exceptional value for a leather bag let alone one that can double as a gun holster.

In addition, you’ll get free shipping directly to your door so that you can begin using your bag in just days.

If you order through Amazon you’ll also be eligible for their Free Returns program which this bag is covered under. This means that once the bag arrives if you find that it’s not suitable for your needs you’ll be able to return it free of charge within 30 days.

This gives the user time to test out all of their belongings and weapon to see how well they suit the Roma Leathers bag.

Roma Leathers make a great range of bags, both concealed carry and otherwise, so if you’re looking for a bit of variety then you can check out their other items. For those times you don’t feel like bringing your protection along, you can still get the style and durability of this beloved brand.

Roma Leather Locking concealment purse

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Final Thoughts

For those women who don’t want to compromise and get a fake leather concealed carry purse, you’ll be happy to have found the Roma Leathers brand. This amazing bag is affordable and functional and made from genuine leather, so it ticks all of the right boxes.

If you’re looking to upgrade from a holster or you just want a new leather handbag, this accessory from Roma Leathers can’t be beaten. To get yourself this amazing concealed carry purse from Roma Leathers today, click here to purchase.

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