Protecting Yourself During The Holidays

Protecting Yourself During The Holidays

During the holiday season, crime is rampant. Robberies, both outdoors and in-home, occur frequently.

The holiday season typically refers to the period between Thanksgiving and New Years. During this time, a spike in crime is seen. We see increased robberies, muggings, shoplifting, home invasions, and more.

There are a few ways to help ensure the safety of you and your family.


  • Always carry your concealed weapon
  • Install a home alarm system
  • Secure your valuable possessions
  • Keep doors locked
  • Trim your shrubs
  • Stay alert

Concealed Carry

Since the holiday season is a time of high crime, carrying a concealed weapon with you at all times is a good idea. This can help keep you, your belongings, your family, and others nearby safe.

Carrying a concealed weapon will give you a mode of self-defense if a crime is to occur. Make sure you carry your gun in a proper holster that is easy to access. You may also want to bring extra magazine clips.

Criminals during the holiday season can often use weapons or violence. Having your gun on you can keep you from becoming injured or losing your valuables. It can also help diffuse criminal situations around you that could put you and your family in harm.

Carry A Purse For Concealment of Your Firearm

The holiday season is bustling, but it should be an amazingly fun time for you and your family. To keep it as wonderful as it should be, carry your gun on you at all times, in case you need protection.

Winter is also the prime time to conceal. You can wear multiple layers, jackets, thicker clothing, and sweaters. This makes the holiday season the prime time to conceal your gun.

Install An Alarm System

Home invasions and robberies are also rather common during the holiday season. You can keep robbers out of your home by installing a security alarm system throughout the house. The system will go off and can notify law enforcement if a break in or burglary is to occur.

Having your gun inside your house is also an additional precautionary measure to having an alarm system. If your alarm goes off, you know you have an intruder, and you also have the proper means to defend your family and yourself.

Secure Your Valuables

Many robbers during the holiday season pay close attention. They know who has what and how to get to it. The holiday season is not the right time to leave any valuables lying around.

Buy a safe for any valuable items you may have. Before leaving the house, or even while being in it, make sure to place your valuables inside the safe securely.

HomeSafe For Valuables

Alternatively, you can bring your valuables with you, if they are small enough to carry. Having them on you at all times ensures that no one, but you, has access to them. The potential of having them become stolen property is slim.

However, in person robberies and muggings are still pretty common on the streets during holiday season, especially at night. That’s why carrying your concealed weapon is a plus. If you have any valuables on you, you can ensure that they are protected and safe by carrying.

Lock Your Doors

Check that your doors are locked every time you leave the house. Many burglars slyly watch to see which people leave their door unlocked so that they have access to the home. Don’t be the one to forget to lock your home.

Trim Your Shrubs

This may seem like a random tip, but it is pretty valuable. People can get forgetful during the busy holiday season so that shrubs may go untrimmed. This gives more space for lurking criminals to hide and watch.

Trim Your Shrubs For Security

Trimming your shrubs will make creepers visible. Don’t give the burglars a place to hide.

Stay Alert

Most importantly, just stay alert. Be focused both inside and outside the house. Pay attention to weird noises and suspicious people. When walking outside, remember to look behind you. If something feels wrong, it most likely is.

Carry your phone with you at all times so that you can alert authorities of suspicious activity or harassment. Keep your personal belongings close to you at all times. Make sure your bag is securely closed as well as your wallet. Pick-pocketers look for accessible entrances, so don't give them any.

Most importantly, don’t forget to carry your concealed weapon with you. It will provide you with both security and protection.

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