A Look At Concealed Carry Gun Statistics For Women

Gun ownership sometimes gets skewed when it comes to mainstream media coverage. You may think that fewer people are purchasing guns, or you may hear that gun laws will restrict purchases. The truth of the matter is that the Constitution of the United States is firm, and it is not going to get revoked.

You have the right to purchase a firearm, and can even apply to get a concealed carry permit in many states.

With that in mind, consider the fact that women today are purchasing weapons for personal use, self-defense and more. As you explore the topic of concealed carry gun statistics for women, you are going to see a big jump in terms of gun ownership amidst females. In fact, the numbers are so strong, that a recent report even cited that concealed carry permits for women had risen upwards of 270% percent since 2007.

The jump in the percentage is definitely interesting on a lot of different levels. Consider the fact that there seems to be a correlation in regards to the increase of gun ownership since 2007 and the murder rate. Since President Obama has come into office, even though there have been mass shootings, personal purchases of firearms have increased. This is especially among women. Why? Because they feel the need to defend themselves, and exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution allows citizens to own guns. That is a right, and that’s something that many pundits are trying to fight. Despite the ongoing battle, it is not going away, and thanks to President Obama’s push for gun control, many are purchasing more guns than ever. To further show the changes in recent years, consider the following concealed carry gun statistics for women, and more according to Townhall.com, and others.

Concealed Carry Permit Increase of 15% Annually

The first major statistic to consider is that there has been a steady rise in concealed carry permits overall. In fact, in the past few years, the steady growth has been detailed at 15%, seeing nearly 2 million additional permits added annually. This is a big jump, and amidst those that are filing, a grand majority are women. Women are buying firearms and registering for concealed carry permits in large numbers, which is definitely a good thing.

5% Already Have A Permit

According to recent data, it has been shown that 5% of the total adult population of the United States already has a concealed carry permit. This number is going to grow in due time, as the numbers continue to increase. In fact, there are at least 5 states today that have a 10% overall concealed gun ownership permit registered amongst citizens. That means that a good chunk of people have permits for concealed carry.

Some States Require No Major Permit

There are some states that do not require any sort of permit. In these states, the increase of women getting firearms and buying concealed carry purses has grown steadily. This may not always be the case, but for the time being, there are some jurisdictions that have not taken away this freedom, nor are fighting to take it away.

270% Increase In Permits For Women

As far as concealed carry gun statistics for women, this is one of the best statistics that you are going to find. The increase of permits for concealed firearms has gone up 270% since the year 2007. Now, that is not the only thing to consider, men’s permits have also increased steadily, upwards of 156%. Needless to say, there’s a lot of people that are exercising their 2nd amendment rights overall.

Minorities Are Legally Buying Too

One of the things that you are going to hear form a lot of news sources is that illegal gun ownership rises amidst minorities. Well, in recent years, that’s been proven false. In fact, when you look at the statistics that are being published, you’ll realize that amidst minorities, permits and registrations are rising. That’s right, they are rising at nearly twice the rate of others.

The Drop In Murder Rate

It should not go untold that the murder rate between 2007 and 2014 have changed significantly. In fact, overall, the drop has been upwards of 25%! That’s right, a drop in violent crime and gun violence, including murder has dropped, and it is on par with the rise in concealed carry elements.


The Most Popular Gun

Women often times owned a semiautomatic pistol most often. The numbers showed that more than 50% of women that owned guns, purchased handheld firearms. The other side of the coin was in regards to purchasing shotguns, and rifles.

Money Spent

Another interesting note is that women spend nearly $1,000 per firearm that they purchased, and after the fact, upwards of $500 worth of accessories. That includes concealed carry purses, and other elements that came as an additional purchase from the gun.

Training Is Huge

Amidst the growth of female gun ownership and in looking at the overall concealed carry gun statistics for women, training is paramount. So much so, that 73% of women that purchased guns since 2007 took training and safety courses after they purchased their firearm. This is a huge number that should be trumpeted often.

2 Million Woman Increase In 7 Years

As you look at statistics, you are going to find that between the years of 2006 and 2013, there was nearly 2 million more women taking part in shooting, ranges, and permit registration. That’s a big jump to consider, and overall the statistics show that 24% of the female population of the United States shoots on a regular basis.

When you break down the numbers, and you look at the reports that many sites are posting, you’ll realize that female gun ownership is on the rise. Not only that, safety is a standard, and concealed carry is part of that too. It’s a right to own guns, and many women today are exercising that right at will. Many of which are choosing handguns and rifles as part of this option, and it will no doubt continue to grow.

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