Goson Concealed Carry Purse Review

Goson Concealed Carry Purse Review

If you’re a woman who likes to stay protected, organized, and fashionable, you might have had a hard time finding accessories to meet your many different needs. When you’re on the hunt for a concealed carry purse that can tick all of these boxes too, the search becomes even more difficult.

While there are some great products out there that offer a secure and safe place to keep your weapon, you’re often compromising on style as well. Not only that, but the cost for just one concealed carry purse can end up costing hundreds of dollars which is far more than you’d spend on a regular handbag.

Goson concealed carry gun purse side view.

Concealed carry purses should be full of functional features and accessories too, such as locking for security and easy access through zipped compartments.

A good concealed carry purse will make it easy for the woman to reach her weapon should she never need it, but look just like a regular handbag in all other senses.

With the Goson Concealed Carry Purse, you get style and functionality all bundled into one, and for a price much lower than many other concealed carry accessories. This bag is the ideal place to keep your gun stowed away safely and out of view, but also with enough room to carry your personal belongings in a fashionable manner.

About The Product

Goson makes a whole range of products intended to make life easier in a fashionable way, and they have a great selection of concealed carry accessories available within this range. Their Crossbody PU Leather bag is made from a synthetic fabric to represent the feel and durability of leather but without having to spend hundreds for the same results.

This concealed carry purse is the ideal accessory for the woman who likes to carry her protection weapon at all times but doesn’t want to rely on a holster. You can combine the safety of a gun holder tucked away in a stylish purse so that nobody has to know you’re carrying it, and it can be accessed in a second if you ever need it.

When you make the choice to buy the Goson Crossbody Concealed Carry Purse, you’ll get all of the amazing features put into this design, including:

  • Gold toned hardware and contemporary design;
  • Ideal for both left and right draw;
  • ​Measures 12” x 12” x 3.5” for all of your belongings;
  • ​Detachable and adjustable crossover strap;
  • 9 x 12” gun pocket with Velcro holster;

For the woman who wants to be prepared, and know that her gun is there in a safe position ready for when the time comes, you can’t go past the Goson Crossbody Concealed Carry Purse.

Pros And Cons

This bag differs a bit from other concealed carry accessories in that it favors space for your gun over everything else. If you have an average sized gun or something a little bigger and don’t need as much room for a wallet, makeup or other belongings then this is a great choice. There are also plenty of compartments and zippers to keep everything organized.

Goson concealed carry gun purse side view.

The design of this bag has been carefully thought out to make it hard for someone to snatch away. The crossover design means you can wear it over your body and with an adjustable strap to suit all body types.

The strap has been further reinforced to prevent anyone from trying to cut it off as well, so you’re covered in two ways.

Because this is one of the more affordable concealed carry purses available, it hasn’t been as well made as some of the expensive types.

It uses synthetic leather which although is quite durable, just can’t stand up to the toughness of real leather and also won’t soften as nicely over time. However, if you don’t want to spend too much on a concealed carry accessory you’ll be happy to put up with the leather substitute.

How To Buy Your Goson Concealed Carry Purse

If you’ve been searching for a stylish concealed carry purse but just couldn’t justify the cost of some of the expensive brands, you’ll be pleased to know that the Goson is an affordable choice. When you purchase this bag through Amazon you’ll pay just over $60 and with free shipping as well, so you can deliver it straight to your door.

One of the best things about the range from Goson is that they are part of the Free Returns program that Amazon offers. This means you’ll be able to return the item in brand new condition if you aren’t satisfied with it, so you get the chance to test out how well your weapon carries in this bag before you decide for sure you want it.

For something a little different, you might even want to consider a backup holster. For times when you don’t want to take your entire handbag out of the house or are just going for a quick walk, you can have your weapon still on you and safely and discreetly stored out of sight.

However, nothing quite beats a stylish and practical concealed carry purse such as this one from Goson.

Goson concealed carry gun purse opened.

Click on the image to check out the product on Amazon.

Final Verdict

For those women who have been hunting for a practical and stylish concealed carry purse but haven’t been able to afford the exuberant price tag, you’ll be pleased you found the Goson Crossbody Concealed Carry Purse.

This synthetic leather bag has the durability and style of real leather but at a fraction of the cost, and it has ample space for most types of handguns. Click here to purchase your Goson Crossbody Concealed Carry Purse and carry your weapon in discreet style just as it was intended.

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