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A Look At The Best Concealed Carry Guns For Women

When it comes to owning a gun the United States Constitution is on your side. You are allowed to own guns, and in many states, you can even carry them. Many states allow citizens to be armed, and carry

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A Look At Concealed Carry Gun Statistics For Women

Gun ownership sometimes gets skewed when it comes to mainstream media coverage. You may think that fewer people are purchasing guns, or you may hear that gun laws will restrict purchases. The truth of

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Concealed Carry Purses & The Women Who Carry Them

Concealed Carry Purses: Women are the fastest demographic group of concealed carry permit holders in this country. This is because they are the highest demographic gun purchasers. If you visit any part

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Liberal Logic and Concealed Carry

I picked a buddy of mine up at the airport in Boston who was a close friend in college.  We shared conservative thoughts in common back then and in fact I remember first learning about Newt Gingrich through

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Concealed Carry Purse – A Father with 4 Daughters

I started ConcealedCarryPurse.Org because I felt as though women should be armed with the techniques and gear required to exercise their second amendment rights 24/7.  As a father of four daughters, three

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