Your Guide To Concealed Carry Purses.

Your Guide To Concealed Carry Purses

In this day and age, there’s no telling what situation you could find yourself in when you leave the house. When we’re in our homes, we have access to our handguns and are able to protect our families in an instant should anyone threaten our safety.

However, when you leave the safety of your home you need to be protected more than ever from possible dangers lurking outside.

Owning a gun is a serious responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s a responsibility that could mean the matter of life and death for you and those around you. Provided they are handled with care and extreme caution, guns can keep us safe from things such as robberies or assaults, particularly when we leave the house.

Woman being robbed on the street.

Carrying our guns can be tricky to do, though, especially if you already carry an over the shoulder purse and don’t want any more bulk.

For many women especially it can be bulky and inconvenient to carry their handgun in a holster, and for this reason, they might choose another method for their concealed carry. A concealed carry purse or concealed carry handbags present a stylish and convenient way to stay armed when you leave the house so that you can be ready for anything the day throws at you.

According to the FBI, in 2015 there was a dramatic increase in violent crimes when compared to 2014, so the unfortunate need to stay protected has never been more important.

Even when you live in a good neighborhood, there’s just no knowing what could happen on a day to day basis. For this reason, the simple addition of a concealed weapon can give you peace of mind that you’ll be protected whenever you leave the house.

What Is A Concealed Carry Purse

Many people choose to carry their guns outside of the home, and the safest way to do this is to keep them somewhere close and reliable so you can be ready to operate them should the worst happen.

While a popular choice among gun owners is a holster, which can be strapped directly to your body either on your hip or ankle, many women choose to carry theirs in a specially designed purse or handbag.

A concealed carry purse is exactly this, operating as both a stylish and functional accessory, as purses with gun pockets. These purses are meant to look like a regular fashion accessory on first glance but do the important task of safely and securely housing the woman’s handgun so that she doesn’t need to carry both a holster and a handbag.

Woman holding concealed carry purse and a gun.

These purses feature a wall or compartment specifically designed to hold a handgun, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Some are better for smaller guns and other larger, so it all depends on the user to find something that suits her weaponry and also her everyday belongings that she likes to carry around.

These wall panels which house the gun usually have ambidextrous openings which mean either left or right handed gun operators can access them easily and in a hurry, and some other forms of securing the gun within such as foam or Velcro is usually found also.

In addition to this, there are other compartments and areas for a woman’s belonging just as you would find in a regular purse.

These purses made to carry guns came about as a solution for the woman who didn’t want to wear a holster or found it impractical to wear their gun under feminine clothing.

Provided the proper training is taken and the owner understands the added dangers and precautions required when housing a gun in their purse, a concealed carry purse is the perfect way to protect all kinds of women.

Who Should Use A Concealed Carry Purse?

There’s no one type of woman that could benefit from a concealed carry purse, as they have many benefits which speak to a range of users.

Whether you already carry a handgun on your person, own one at home and are considering taking it outdoors, or have no previous experience with using one for protection, there’s a concealed carry purse out there to suit.

Woman in green dress using concealed carry purse.

For those considering using a concealed carry purse, there are a few questions you might want to ask yourself before you decide to purchase one, as it can have a great impact on your decision.

  • Am I forgetful or is there the chance that I might leave my purse and gun unattended and in a potentially dangerous situation?
  • Will I be around small children regularly who come into contact with my purse?
  • ​Will I put in constant and habitual practice so that I can perfect the draw of my gun should the need ever arise?
  • Am I happy to carry my purse across my body to keep it safe and prevent anyone from trying to steal it?

If you believe you can put in the commitment and safety measures taken for these types of gun holders, there’s nothing stopping even the most amateur gun owners from benefiting from a concealed carry purse. Just as with any part of gun ownership, all it takes is dedication and commitment to operating at the safest and most reasonable measures possible.

When you take the time to learn this system and how to best operate it, there’s no end to the benefits you will find.

The Benefits Of A Concealed Carry Purse

When you make the decision to carry your firearm in a concealed carry purse handbag, you’re usually doing so for one of these reasons. Although holsters are still a great choice, there are some things they just can provide which are especially beneficial for women.

No print

The best thing about owning a concealed carry purse is that there’s no obvious way to tell you’re carrying a gun. This can be especially beneficial when you’re in a public place, as you want to have your firearm there for emergencies but hope to never have to use it otherwise. Compared to a holster, this is a far more discreet way of carrying.

Ease Of Access

Although there is some debate about whether a holster or handbag is easier to access, there’s no denying that having your gun right there by your side where you can quickly grab it is a luxury we could all do with. These purses have been specifically designed to suit both left and right handers to there’s no problems with ease of access from either side.


When you consider that almost every woman in America carries a purse or handbag of some sort, even just for a trip down to the local store, it makes sense that these can be combined to be a safe place to hold your gun too.

Opened and full concealed carry purse.

These bags have enough space for your handgun as well as the other essentials such as wallets, phones, keys, and makeup so that you don’t have to wear both a holster and a purse.


Compared to how these concealed carry handbags used to look, the style nowadays is a lot more modern. They usually are made from genuine leather and match all kinds of fashion styles, so they’re a great fashion accessory as well as a practical item to have on hand.


For many women, wearing a holster on their hip or ankle isn’t very comfortable and can interfere with the clothes you wear. Carrying your gun in a handbag is comfortable and means you don’t need to dress for your gun which can be limiting.

In addition to all of these benefits, each of these concealed carry purse designs come with their own benefits. Some have additional pockets for organizers and others have a slash resistant strap that keeps you protected against thieves, so if you truly want to customize the concealed carry purse you’re able to.

Different Types Of Concealed Carry Purses

Although still a relatively new item in the huge market of purses and handbags, there are already some great variations available to suit all types of women. Every purse has been designed with a specific gun owner in mind and intended to make carrying your gun convenient, safe, and stylish all in one.

Here are just a few specifications you might come across in your search for the perfect concealed carry purse:


The size of a concealed carry purse will depend on the user, as they range from quite sleek to larger and bulkier. Women should consider the type of firearm they own when choosing a purse, and from there consider what items they take along with them on a usual day. Depending on what you will carry within, you’ll need to find a size that suits.

Concealed carry purses of different sizes.


The most popular material for a concealed purse is leather, purely due to its durability and reliability for an accessory such as this. There are other synthetic leather products also available which can be just as strong, provided you take good care of them.


The compartments of these bags are usually intended to house your everyday items withing such as keys, wallet, and makeup. Many of these designs make room for the firearm inside and have the other smaller items stored in the exterior compartments.

Straps And Handles

For absolute safety, a cross body strap is the best choice for your concealed carry purse as when it’s worn this way is harder for someone to snatch from you. Although they do come in other designs, you want something that can be kept close to you and preferably with a reinforced strap to prevent theft.

Holster Type

The type of holster within also differs in each bag, with a popular type being the Velcro holster. This allows the gun to be molded perfectly within the Velcro so that there’s no risk of it coming loose and doing inadvertent harm. Some other methods include a buckle and loop or a zipped compartment.

Access Points

The access points of your concealed carry purse and usually design to suit both left and right-hand users, and these are sometimes further secured by a lock and key design or a robust zipper.

As is the case with any type of women’s fashion accessory, there are hundreds of minor variations and specifications that make every model unique. The main purpose of the concealed carry purse is to keep your gun stored safely away in a discreet manner, so always consider safety the most important feature of any gun concealment you choose.

Concealed Carry Purse Safety

The one reason why concealed carry purses haven’t been as popular as the holster is due to people’s lack of understanding and commitment towards safe practice.

Black and white photo of woman pointing a gun.

When you make the decision to carry your weapon in a concealed purse, you must commit to the regular practice of your draw. Not only does this apply to purses, but any method of carrying your gun that requires you to draw it on the spot.

Carrying your weapon in a purse can take precious seconds away when compared to a holster, so the need to have your draw perfected is essential.

This movement can be somewhat awkward as your bag will never be in the exact position as the last time you practiced, unlike a holster which has been designed not to move.

When people don’t take the time to practice, they’re being irresponsible gun owners and putting themselves and others at risk. If you want the added protection of a concealed carry purse you must commit to practicing your draw on a regular basis, and always try to carry it in the exact same way you practiced with so you’re not costing yourself and other precious seconds.

Studies conducted on police officers showed that even trained professionals had their shot accuracy and draw time affected by anxiety, so an everyday citizen forced to use their gun in an unknown situation might experience this even more. For this reason, it’s essential to practice drawing your gun from your purse all the time.

How To Practice Your Concealed Carry Purse Draw

Although every leather concealed carry purse has been designed differently, there’s a general way you can practice your draw. Depending on the design of yours and your choice of firearm, you may need to adjust this somewhat to get a smoother draw.

  • 1. Always unzip the holster compartment the same way every time so that you know it precisely. Do this as your first step so that it’s ready to go if can’t completely judge a situation at first.
  • 2. Turn the purse so that your gun is pointing away from you, ensuring that the muzzle is never pointed or covering your body. Move your purse so that the muzzle corner of the purse is pointing away in a safe place.
  • ​3. Turn slightly and point the corner of the purse with the muzzle away from you and then grasp your gun with a strong and stable hand. Have your trigger finger straight along the side of the gun. Pull firmly and swiftly to remove it from your purse.
  • 4. At the same time as you pull with your strong hand, use your weaker hand to pull your bag away. This ensures the gun is clear from the bag and ready to be fired.

For those who practice their live-fire in a range or otherwise, you should bring your concealed carry purse along as well. Since there’s a good chance that if you ever have to fire your gun it will be from this type of holster, you want some real practice in drawing, aiming, and firing.

This means you’ll be adequately prepared with actual experience shooting, so you’ll know there’s nothing getting in your way.

If you can’t bring your purses with gun compartment then one similar in design will do, provided it has nothing inside or any compartments that could interfere with your shot. When you’re not at the live-fire range, you should still practice drawing your weapon every day.

This will ensure the training is fresh in your mind and will make you aware of any potential issues with the gun such as a stuck zipper which could impact how well you retrieve it.

What To Consider When Buying Your Concealed Carry Purse

Before you can head out and get yourself a concealed carry for women, you should be aware that they come with some dangers as well. For this reason, it’s essential to stay on top of your practice and always be aware that you’re carrying a loaded firearm with you and in reach of others at all time.

When compared to a holster, you purse can be easily snatched away or left behind so they aren’t always the safest option. In 2015, at least 265 children found and shot a firearm by accident and without parental supervision so it’s extremely important that you aren’t the type of person to forget you have this on you.

Kid looking at a gun on the table.

If you’ve left your purse behind somewhere in the last year or are sometimes forgetful in nature, you might want to reconsider.

Any homes that have small children nearby will need to be extra cautious with a purse for concealed carry. When you get home, you’ll need to immediately transfer your gun to its safe holding space and never leave your handbag on the kitchen table or otherwise.

These small things may seem like an inconvenience but as responsible gun owners, these are the steps we must take to ensure everyone’s safety.

Provided you invest in a purse that’s been specifically designed to holster a gun, this takes care of another huge part of the safety concern. Considering just how dangerous your weapon could be in the wrong hands, you don’t want to go cheap on this product.

Something durable, with lockable access, and possibly even a reinforced strap are just a few safety features that are extremely important.

As gun owners, it is our duty to be responsible with gun care, for everyone involved and ourselves. If you’re not happy to use a holster which is the recommended method, you can safely have your gun in a purse concealed carry provided you have the right kind, practice your drawing, and always stay aware that it is on you.

The Importance Of Staying Protected

With so many unknown threats outside of our homes, it pays to invest in something that will allow us to stay protected even when we leave the confines of our house. When a gun holster just isn’t a practical or comfortable solution for you, the concealed carry purse is a great option for convenience, style, and practicality.

Pink holster in a concealed carry purse.

Gun safety is important to learn no matter what type of weapon you’re using or how you holster it, and especially in this case when you’ll be taking your gun into an uncontrolled environment. The gun owner is responsible for practicing their draw and teaching their family about gun safety so that their concealed carry purse has no risk of hurting anyone else.

These stylish accessories have certainly come a long way in the years since their invention, with a range of designs now available to suit every woman’s taste. Whether you like soft and supple leather, a crossbody strap style, or something small and discreet, there are so many options available to store your firearm where you can get to it best.

Although we can protect our families and ourselves is anyone ever comes onto our private property, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be protected when you venture outside too.

A properly cared and trained for concealed carry purse is the best way to combine your gun’s usefulness with everyday style and convenience so that the modern woman can stay protected even when she leaves the house.

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