What Is A Concealed Carry Course And Where Is It Mandated

What Is A Concealed Carry Course And Where Is It Mandated

If you have decided to make the jump and take your safety into your hands, there a few things you should know about getting your concealed carry permit. First off, there is some confusion that must be laid to rest about getting your permit. There are two types of CCW classes, and we will discuss the differences between this two course in depth over the course of this article.

Concealed Carry Courses

The first type of CCW class is the type that most people's minds jump to when they think of firearms courses. It is a course with an instructor who teaches you the best way to go about carrying your weapon in a concealed fashion. Another part of the course includes instructions on firing responsibly and understanding how to use your gun.

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Concealed carry courses can vary depending on the organization or individual administering the course. There are several types of courses, and they can vary regarding reliability depending on the presiding organization.

For example, an NRA concealed carry course will certainly be better training for the use of a firearm than an online concealed carry course which only teaches you theory. While theory is good to know before becoming a gun owner, you will also want some working, practical knowledge.

There are only six states which require you to undergo concealed carry courses before taking your permitting class. These states are Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Connecticut.

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Concealed Carry Permitting Classes

The other type of concealed carry class is the permitting class, in which you must pass a test to ensure that you are qualified to have your concealed carry license. While most states do not require you to have explicitly undergone previous concealed carry classes, it helps immensely to have a working knowledge of firearm techniques and gun handling.

If you do not want to end up failing your concealed carry class, it is a good idea to read up on some of the more crucial parts of your training at the very least. NRA courses feature some of the best-qualified instructors from around the nation, so if you want to ensure that your training is comprehensive, consider signing up for one of their courses.

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Even if you are an experienced firearm user, there are a few nuances to getting your concealed carry permit that you may not know of, so an instructional course at the very least may be a good choice.


If you are considering getting your concealed carry permit, do not hesitate. Every day that goes by is another day that you are unprotected outside of your home, and there are few more effective ways to ensure that you remain safe than having a concealed weapon permit.

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