The 3 Best Alternatives To The Conceal Carry Purse

The 3 Best Alternatives To The Conceal Carry Purse

Keeping your gun in a safe spot is important. An unconcealed weapon can cause you legal trouble or put you in harm's way. It can even get lost, damaged, or fall into the wrong hands. Worst of all, it can injure you if it is not securely placed somewhere in a non-threatening position.

Many people conceal their guns in their purse. The conceal carry purse is a cool way to conceal your weapon, but it's not the only way. Many other options may be more convenient and suitable for you. Here are some of our favorite alternatives.

Belly Band Holster

The belly band holster is one of the most efficient and safe ways to conceal your gun. The belly band holster goes under your layers of clothing. It is tight, yet stretchy, and super safe. These holsters are usually made with elastic and neoprene, meaning that they are breathable and can be worn comfortable during physical activity and warmer temperatures.

Belly band holster.

These holsters are convenient because they come in options for left handed drawing and right-handed drawing. They also usually fit an array of sizes and pistols.

Belly band holsters are reliable ways to keep your weapon safe without sacrificing your style. These can be worn with jeans, skirts, yoga pants, sweatpants, and more.

Ankle Holsters

Some smaller and more compact guns can be carried in ankle holsters. Ankle holsters are usually a made of a belt of neoprene that wraps around the ankle under a pant leg. This type of holster is convenient and breathable.

The actual holster part is stretchy and fits the gun in. The gun is carried on the inside of your side leg. A calf strap can be added to support bigger or heavier weapons as well.

This sort of holster is convenient because a bulge will be undetectable and it's a good place to store the backup.

The one thing that is inconvenient about this holster is that the reach is quite far. To get your gun, you will have to bend down, which can delay your access to your weapon and put you in harm's way.

Ankle holster.

It all depends on how fast you move and how comfortable you are with your gun in that position. Otherwise, it's a great spot for a backup gun.

Gun Belt Holster

There are two types of gun belt holsters, outside the waistband and inside the waistband.

Gun belt holster.

Apparently, outside the waistband gun holsters are not concealed, so it's not much of an alternative to the conceal purse. However, an IWB is.

A belt gun holster that goes inside the waistband goes in between your pants and your body.

They’re usually made of a mixture of leather and Kydex materials.

The leather is sturdy and durable, while Kydex keeps your gun secure and put. Kydex is also a thinner material.

With the IWB, access to the gun is immediate and easy. It is also readily accessible to your dominant hand. This carrying is very secure, and your weapon will not move from its place. However, the grip may peek through at times.

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