Chevron Gun Concealment Bag Review

Chevron Gun Concealment Bag Review

A bag is one thing nearly all women have with them at all times, even if they are not going to need anything that’s in it. Often bags are a fashion statement, but in this case it’s something that would keep her and her family safe.

Interestingly men love to make jokes about purses but this is one thing they would want ladies to own. Yes, the next time a lady is walking out of the door, a gun concealment bag can be her best friend as it allows her to be safe wherever she goes. If you’ve been looking for gun concealment bags to reach your weapon in time, look no further than this Chevron gun concealment bag.

Notable Features

This faux leather gun purse only measures 11 by 10 inches and matches just about anything. The lightweight and versatile gun concealment bag is also casual and chic so can be used by women, teens and even young girls.

Perhaps the best thing about this Chevron gun bag is its faux leather design. If you look at the bag, the structure is unique and functional. It is the perfect size to handle all your everyday essentials and you won’t be weighed down like traditional bags.

The long strap you find with this Chevron gun bag allows you to wear the shoulder bag as a cross body and this is added convenience.

Chevron Gun Concealment Bag

The front face of this bag has a wide zippered pocket which can be used to store useful items such as phone, keys and even a lipstick.

The back side of the bag has a handy pocket and there’s a slip pocket as well. You can use the back pockets to keep your phone, wallet and keys safely. Right next to backside pocket, you would find a slant zippered gun concealment compartment that is perfect for a small handgun. As stated earlier, the bag is just the right size for a ladies pistol and there’s enough room to store other valuables as well.

  • Made of structured faux leather
  • The bag measures 11 inches by 10 inches
  • There is a concealed slant zipper for carrying a weapon
  • There are multiple pockets
  • You would find a full zippered top

What Others Say

Most happy customers say that the Chevron faux leather bag is just the right size for a pistol and you can access your weapon quickly and easily when needed. The interior of the bag is roomy enough and some customers have even managed to keep their tablets, eBook reader along with a gun, wallet, keys and even makeup.

Chevron Gun Concealment Bag

If you want to carry the bag on a busy street, the long strap makes it really easy for you to wear it as a cross body. The gun remains concealed in the central compartment which has a slant zipper.

Usually customers give good things to say about the Chevron gun concealment bag. The construction material is strong and the faux leather cannot be cut easily.

Because the Chevron gun bag has a stunning exterior, it can be a perfect fit for concerts, shopping and even casual hangouts. All ladies pistols can fit inside the bag with ease and gun bag can be carried across the body for extra security and ease of access.

This chevron bag is a must have if you’re looking for something that can hold your phone, wallet, keys and of course, a hand gun.

Customers say that the concealed pocket in Chevron gun bag measures 8 by 5.5 inches which is spacious enough to hold a small handgun. Since the bag has both zippered and slip in pockets, you can rest assured that your weapon and valuables are secure. The zippered top not only conceals your hand gun, but also keeps it in the horizontal position.

Another good thing about this bag is that it can be used for storing a number of other items when you don’t want to pack a weapon. So once you get hands on this versatile gun bag, you can load up on style and essentials. More importantly, you can make a style statement without compromising on your safety.

Most Chevron users say that this gun bag is the best product for those who are forgetful and have the habit of leaving their bags behind in restaurants, shopping stores and rest rooms. Because the bag can be carried cross body, you don’t have to worry about someone taking it off or running away with your valuables when you are not looking.

Buying Advice

Choosing to carry your weapon close to the body is the safest and best way and you can’t really argue with that. This Chevron gun concealment bag can be unzipped easily to reveal the gun when needed. The bag retails for less than $30 on Amazon. Remember, this product is available for a limited time only and makes an excellent gift. Make sure you get hands on this versatile gun bag as soon as possible.

Chevron Gun Concealment Bag On White Background

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Final Verdict

Overall, the Chevron faux leather gun concealment bag is an excellent product. It features exciting zigzag stripes and the shoulder strap provided can be adjusted up to 25 inches. You can wear the bag on your shoulder or cross body depending on your personal liking.

This concealment bag is just the right size measuring at 11 by 10 inches. The backside of the bag features a slip pocket which gives easy access to your valuables such as phone, keys and wallet. The concealed pocket can also be accessed easily and is ideal for small pistol or handgun.

If you’ve been looking for something that features zippered pockets as well as side pockets, look no further than this Chevron gun concealment bag to keep your weapon and other weapons in one place. Remember, carrying a weapon for self defense in a concealed gun bag is way better than not carrying the pistol at all.


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