Breaking Down Concealed Carry Purse Brand Reviews You’ll Find Online

There are a lot of different ways to carry a gun when you have a concealed carry permit. One of the premier options today is to utilize a purse that was made for this specific reason. If you were to look online for concealed carry purse brand reviews, you would find a lot of information.


There’s a lot of brands and companies that are working on helping with this simple solution. Storing your weapon in a safe manner is simple, when you look for specific options that are going to help you keep things away from snooping eyes.

As you start to look for reviews, you are no doubt going to find a lot of them in place. If you aren’t sure what to look for, or perhaps you are hit with too much information, there are a few tips that you can take with you today.

The following tips will help highlight the things that you need to know most about concealed weapons purses, and the reviews that proliferate the internet landscape. With these tips, you can rest assured that you’ll find a good solution moving forward.

The Reason For Specific Concealed Carry Purses

Before you start to look for reviews, you’ll first want to realize why this is so important. While some women will want to put their guns in their existing purses, it’s not a good idea. You will not want to do this because it can become unsafe. The main problem here is that you can clutter your purse.


Many women have cluttered, messy purses, and the last thing that you want is for someone to reach in looking for a wallet, and end up getting their hands on a gun. You want the firearm that you’re carrying to be safe, stowed, and out of sight.

That’s why it’s important to look for specific options that were made for gun owners to hide their guns when out in the public.

Consider The Cost

As you look for purses that were meant for this specific reasons, you will find that the cost can range from low end to high end. Most often, you’re going to find the best solutions in regards to these purses will cost you anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the materials. Some of the best rated options are under $100, and the brands that you will find are common throughout top 10 lists that you may find online.

Now, if you want to spend the extra, just remember, concealment is the thing that you’re after more than anything else. Just because a large, oversized bag promises protection, doesn’t mean it’s the best for your needs. With that in mind, take your time as you look for solutions overall.

Look For Authority In Reviews

When you search online for, concealed carry purse brand reviews, you will get hit with hundreds of thousands of results. Search engines aren’t always good at delivering specific elements, they just give you relevance based on your topic.

Well, in this regards, you’ll want to look for authority in the reviews that are listed within your search protocol. Authority can be found within the world of domain names, and content that abounds on the site that you land on. As you look through the reviews listed, look for date stamps, comments, and other elements.

Go To Retailers Themselves

One way that you can ensure that you’re reading good overall reviews is to look for retailers that sell concealed carry purses. Larger websites will not only have a review section; they will have hundreds if not thousands of reviews listed. You’ll want to break these down and figure out what is going to work best for your overall needs. As you start to look at the various solutions overall, you will notice that some will definitely be better than others, and you can denote what brands are best for your needs.

Some of The Name Brands To Look For

As you look for options in regards to concealed carry purse brand reviews, you’ll no doubt run into a variety of different brands and options. With that in mind, you’ll find that the following quick list of options are brands that will come up a great deal.


One of the best options has NRA in the name. You’ll find that this brand has a lot of versatile solutions under $100, and will be found on large sizes like This is definitely a good brand to consider and will definitely find positive reviews.

Lock Satchel

Another brand that you will see talked a lot about, this is often times referenced with their top selling option, “The Well-Armed Woman”, with a bag that features a lot of compartments, and good overall look and feel.

Coronado Leather

If you’re looking for leather goods, then this brand is going to be the option to consider. There are several options that they have released in this regards, all of which made of fine leather, and the price reflects that.



One of the premier solutions that you will find is that of Galco. This brand features a lot of handbags and clutches, for those that don’t want to carry a large purse or a tote.

You’ll find that their offerings are often made of leather, and priced in the higher end.

Gun Goddess

Another brand that you are going to hear a lot about in your search for top concealed carry purse brand reviews, is Gun Goddess. They are purveyors of various bags, clutches, and more. They bring about a sense of style, and substance when you look at their offerings.

Of course the above are just a handful of brands that you may find to be excellent in your search for the right solution. Whether you’re looking for function over fashion, or you are simply wanting an easy to use solution, there are a lot of different elements to take into consideration. Read reviews, look for name brands, and keep in mind where and when you will be needing a bag of this type.

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