7 Things That You Should Avoid When Concealed Carrying

7 Things That You Should Avoid When Concealed Carrying

When concealed carrying, safety is a priority. Signs that you are carrying could create unnecessary fear, altercations, or provoke the wrong people. It can also get you into trouble with law enforcement, depending on your state and whether or not your license is on you. Carrying correctly is also important.

Carrying correctly is a must. You should have the proper gear to carry, whether it is a holster, a belt, etc., that is comfortable for you and abides by your state's laws. Your firearm should be properly hidden from plain sight.

Conceal Carry

There are many different types of concealed carry: pocket carry, small of back, strong side hip, fanny pack, appendix carry, ankle holster, etc. You can use different devices like a holster, bellyband, etc. Pick the one that works best for you.

While carrying, there are some mistakes to avoid making and some precautions to take. This will ensure that you and your firearm are safe, discreet, and within the law.

What To Avoid

  • Using an untested holster
  • Making constant contact with the holster
  • Acting suspiciously/nervously
  • Carrying without your license & permit
  • Not knowing the laws
  • Showing a bulge
  • Showing part of the gun

Test Your Holster

Before venturing out into the public with your holster for concealed carry, test it out at home first. This is an important preventative measure.

Some holsters are uncomfortable. Some may be too loose or too tight around your body. Some may not fit your firearm properly. Some may be made out of the wrong material. Others might not even be safe for actual usage.

Holster Test

After purchasing a new holster, make it a habit to take it for a test run. How well does it fit? Does it slip or is it sturdy? Is it in the right position for your comfort? Is it made of the correct material? Will it stay put during movement and physical activity?

In any case, feel free to visit an actual store before making an official purchase, so that you can see what kind of holster suits you best. Also, figure out the position in which you'll have your holster.

Don’t Constantly Adjust Your Holster!

If you have to do this, chances are, your holster is not the proper fit for you. If it is, then there's no reason to adjust or touch that area constantly.

Moving your hands towards your holster too often will draw attention to the area, and attention isn’t something you want. It can make the people around you nervous, causing you to become nervous as well. It can also result in you subconsciously placing your hand on your gun regularly; this is not a good habit to form.

Don’t Act Suspiciously Or Nervously

Going out with a concealed firearm for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking for anyone. You may start to feel like everyone knows or can see, but if you concealed properly, this is not the case.

Don’t let the nerves get in your way of going about your day. If so, they can cause some tension and unwanted attention.

Acting Suspicously Is the worst thing to do

Bring Your License & Permit

When concealed carrying, make sure to have your proper documentation on you. This is in case you get stopped by officers and need to alert them that you have a firearm on you that is within legal bounds.

Know The Laws Of Your State!

Make sure to read up on the gun laws of the state you live in or plan to travel to. Laws can vary from each state to each state, and what flies in one area might not in another. To avoid running into legal trouble and drawing attention to yourself, conceal carry according to your current state's laws.

Some states won’t let you carry at all, so make sure you know where you’re going and what rules that place abides by. You don’t want to end up in the hot seat!

Keep The Bulge Away!

Stay away from having an excessive bulge under your clothing that is an obvious indicator of a concealed weapon. Bulges can draw the wrong types of attention and can also cause you to rest your hands where they don’t belong. They can make clothing awkward too.

Gun Bulge Keep it Hidden

Wear the right holster and the proper layers over it to avoid this.

Keep The Gun & Holster Hidden!

Don’t let the actual gun or holster visibly peek out of your clothing. It should remain under your clothing and hidden from plain sight at all times.



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