Your Guide To Concealed Carry Purses.


In this day and age, there’s no telling what situation you could find yourself in when you leave the house. When we’re in our homes, we have access to our handguns and are able to protect our families in an instant should anyone threaten our safety...


As gun owners, there are a number of ways you can keep your home and family protected from within, but as soon as you step out of the front door there can be dangers lurking that you might not even consider. Traditionally, people carried their firearms in a holster somewhere on their body, but there are many...

The Best Concealed Carry Purse Guide


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Roma F.C Concealed Carry Purse Review

 Roma F.C. Concealed Carry Purse Review

For the woman who likes her concealed carry to be small and discreet but still wants to keep their essential items on hand, it can be hard to find something that meets your needs. Most concealed carry bags are bulky and unattractive, and it can be glaringly obvious that they were built to conceal a weapon...

Roma Leathers Concealment Carry Purse Review

If you’ve always been a fan of carrying your protection on you at all times in a hip holster, you might have come across a few problems from time to time with this approach. Hip holsters can be effective, but for the most part, they can feel uncomfortable and just aren’t practical for the modern woman...

Roma Leathers Concealment Carry Purse
Goson Concealed Carry Purse Review

Goson Concealed Carry Purse Review

If you’re a woman who likes to stay protected, organized, and fashionable, you might have had a hard time finding accessories to meet your many different needs. When you’re on the hunt for a concealed carry purse that can tick all of these boxes too, the search becomes even more difficult...

Gun Tote’n Mamas Purse Review 

With the continuing increase in crime rates around this country, the only way for a woman to feel truly safe these days is to stay protected. For those women who like to feel protected with a concealed carry, it can be hard to find something both practical but stylish that allows you to keep your gun in close range to be ready when you need it...

Gun Tote’n Mamas Purse Review

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